Terms and conditions for the provision of the Service

  • The sender must deliver the imported merchandise with the necessary documents to demonstrate its legality before the DIAN. The Company is not liable for confiscations from customs or any other authority and is not obliged to manage the removal of the goods that have been retained for being contraband or for insufficient information in the documents that must accompany the goods.
  • The packaging of each merchandise to be transported must be adequate to its characteristics (weight, volume, fragility and nature) and is the responsibility of the sender.
  • We do not transport toxic, poisonous, polluting, corrosive, flammable materials, works of art, glass, drums, or metal cans larger than 5 gallons, household items, jewelry, securities, money and everything considered as prohibited transportation elements stipulated in the Commercial Code and the Postal Services Regime "Law 1369 of 2009".
  • Messaging services are governed in all its parts by the provisions of Law 1369 of 2009 and for other services, in accordance with the provisions of the commercial code.
  • The Sender must always declare the real value of the units to be transported, correctly reporting their data, those of the recipient and the contents of the shipment, to apply Article 1010 of the Commercial Code.
  • The Sender will be SOLELY responsible for all damages caused by the lack, falsification, omission or insufficiency of said data or documents.
  • Once the recipient has signed our transport guide or proof of delivery, no claims will be accepted. In the event of loss, robbery or damage, the compensation for the Messaging services will be in accordance with article 25 of Law 1369 of 2009 and article 38 of Resolution 3038 of 2011 of the Communications Regulation Commission. For the other services, the responsibility for loss or damage will have as maximum limit the value declared in the corresponding transport guide or transport remission.
  • Partial losses will be established proportionally to the declared value.